26 thoughts on “Jump

  1. My (old) cat Jake was known to give a paw smack down to anyone who referred to him as elderly unless, of course, they had a sardine…or a piece of tuna…or tuna juice from a people tuna can (that was the best!)…or maybe some catnip.

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  2. We (the vet) believes Mr. M is about 10, but he is considered to be a geriatric cat, too… It isn’t difficult to believe in his case because he has arthritic paws. In your case, I would say you’re a senior athlete.

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  3. My oldest, Puss, will be 17 in October. He has weakness in his hind limbs and has lost muscle mass, but this seems to be a selective issue for him as I routinely find him atop the refrigerator! I think he would be very insulted indeed if I were to call him geriatric.

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  4. hello charlie its dennis the vizsla dog hay supozedly i am jerry hat trick too wot i want to no is hoo is jerry and wot is this hat trick??? i do not think i no enny hat tricks so i agree with yoo i think this hole thing is bogus!!! ok bye

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