Panther Puddle

Beware of the hot temperatures, Humans! Your House Panther may melt into a large, tarry puddle, reminiscent of an oil slick.

Don’t fret, Humans! Tuna and catnip will restore your Panther to his solid form.

–Darth Vader

11 thoughts on “Panther Puddle

  1. I am liquid as well! My Housefolk Kit calls the final liquid stage “melted chocolate.” I don’t know what chocolate is, but I think it’s good. Catnip and tuna would restore my liquid-y-ness to normal, but Martin’s Potato Rolls and a noodle would do better.
    Be seeing you,
    (Note from the “Kit Housefolk): Yes she did eat a Martin’s Potato Roll and a noodle once. She likes it. It’s probably because she came from a parking lot and had to eat what was there. Old habits die hard… and weirdly.

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