Learning to Loaf

It is important to teach your Kittens the art of loafing at a young age.

Some learn faster than others…

I’m a good loaf, aren’t I Mama Leto?

Yes, Artemis, you are loafing well.

Now, Apollo, do pay attention!

But I’m BORED! Can we play now?

–Leto, Artemis and Apollo, Guest Contributors

7 thoughts on “Learning to Loaf

      1. Oh, shucks, my cat took a year in the shelter and 7 months with me – and my non-feral former barn cat, to come around – now she lies on the sofa with me. She dashed from the room when I entered when I got her. She seeks me out now, we are alone now for over a year and she enjoys my presence.

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      2. Hmmmm… Perhaps I will reconsider… But is a soft, warm bed really worth an adequate hay-filled berth, all the rodents (and birds) you are fast enough to catch, a few ginormous friends in the form of horses or ponies or cows, and freedom? Purrs, Leto

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      3. Well, just think of the free health care, the friend you have in Orzo, regular meals – and so soft bedding! Besides – it will never be wet again, never be cold again, you will never be hungry again …

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