Bachelor Pad

Choose your bachelor pad wisely.  If you like a bit of action, don’t move too far out to the country–youthful Kittens will keep you young.

On the other paw, be sure that your pad is protected from the hurly-burly of the youngsters’ catnip-fueled disputes. Kittens may do fine with a mere 18 hours of sleep daily, but you require a minimum of 20 hours.

Most importantly, make sure that your pad is in close proximity to the best place in the house, i.e. the kitchen.


12 thoughts on “Bachelor Pad

    1. Thank you kindly! The room was even prettier a few days ago–there was a table cloth and a salad bar…er…vases of fresh cut flowers. Strangely, Human Mommy removed these pretty decorations after we knocked them over a few… er…several…er…many times. Silly Human Mommy! Flowers look sooo much better horizontal. Purrs, Charlie, Luna and Amber

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  1. Good choice Charlie! My Charlie says you have a great name and are obviously very intelligent just like her..πŸ˜ΈπŸ’•

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  2. hello charlie its dennis the vizsla dog hay a rum with a vyoo now that is wot i like!!! and frum that height yoo kan strike frum abuv wenever ennybuddy happins to drop sumthing nommy on the floor in the kitchen!!! ok bye

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    1. Thank you Dennis! The whole table belongs to me, but I let the younger Cats hang out on the top of it. Being on the ground floor, I can scurry to the kitchen much faster when there’s food to be had. Purrs, Charlie


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