Cold Tail

Yes, I realize you are right behind me, Human Mommy. 

No, I will not acknowledge your presence.

No, you may not stroke me.

What did you expect?

You abandoned us for as many days as I have paws.

Cold Tail will continue at least until you have learned your lesson, groveled sufficiently, and paid us off with generous quantities of wet food (gravy-style, not pate), tuna (packed in water, not oil) and catnip (the fancy, organic kind, not the dessicated rotgut you pick up at the local supermarket.)

Then we’ll see.

–Darth Vader et al

14 thoughts on “Cold Tail

  1. Yes, cold tail training is in the life book for cats. We are not big on pate here either. There is nothing better than tuna juice from a can of people tuna. I almost forget to continue with the punishment when that comes out — Mollie, the alpha cat

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  2. My Housefolk get USDA Certified Organic catnip for me. It’s the ONLY way I’ll take it. And, not only the best kinds of food, but also those yummy treats you can only get at that one “store,” as humans call it, an hour away. They taste better than any treat ever!
    Be seeing you,

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