When Temperatures Soar

When temperatures soar, discerning young Lions eschew the couch, bench and cubby holes of the Private Members-only Cat Club in favor of the glass table top.

If you close your eyes, you may even have visions of ice fishing.


8 thoughts on “When Temperatures Soar

  1. Good choice! My kitty boys know all the cool spots in the place, too. As a further help to them, I put an ice cube in their water. They like to lick that, and it cools the water while it melts.

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    1. Human Mommy used to put ice cubes in our water. Uncle Darth had great fun fishing the ice cubes out of the water and batting them around. Being ice cubes, they eventually melted, leaving behind mysterious puddles. Human Mommy doesn’t add ice to our water anymore. Strange… Purrs, Finnegan


  2. When it’s hot everyone lies on the cool tile in the porch area. It’s always cool no matter how hot it is. I suggest people take their shoes off to cool their feet. It also gives the cats a new spot to smell.

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