Prodigal Cat

I recently moved to my Winter Palace,* as I do every year.

Human Mommy fretted, as she does every year.

Unlike other years, when she has been more accepting,** Human Mommy dispatched Human Daddy*** to retrieve me.

So I find myself back in my Summer Palace.

For now…


*Phelps’ Winter Palace is a cold weather shelter for stray cats that a neighbor set up 4 houses down from his Summer Palace. No strays have taken advantage of the Winter Palace, as Phelps claimed it as his, several winters ago.

**Human Mommy has never really “accepted” this situation. It’s just plain embarrassing when your Cat leaves a perfectly well heated house, numerous Cat trees, and expensive kibble to rough it in a heated storage container with an endless supply of Meow Mix.

***Human Daddy, while not nearly as embarrassed as Human Mommy, sent numerous Cat photos to the neighbor 4 houses down so that she could see that Phelps’ Summer Palace isn’t half bad.