Prodigal Cat

I recently moved to my Winter Palace,* as I do every year.

Human Mommy fretted, as she does every year.

Unlike other years, when she has been more accepting,** Human Mommy dispatched Human Daddy*** to retrieve me.

So I find myself back in my Summer Palace.

For now…


*Phelps’ Winter Palace is a cold weather shelter for stray cats that a neighbor set up 4 houses down from his Summer Palace. No strays have taken advantage of the Winter Palace, as Phelps claimed it as his, several winters ago.

**Human Mommy has never really “accepted” this situation. It’s just plain embarrassing when your Cat leaves a perfectly well heated house, numerous Cat trees, and expensive kibble to rough it in a heated storage container with an endless supply of Meow Mix.

***Human Daddy, while not nearly as embarrassed as Human Mommy, sent numerous Cat photos to the neighbor 4 houses down so that she could see that Phelps’ Summer Palace isn’t half bad.

Winter Accommodations

The Private Members Only Cat Club, sometimes erroneously referred to as the front porch, offers adequate overnight accommodations in the spring, summer and early fall.

In the late fall and winter, the discerning Lion prefers to bed down atop a basket of fresh laundry in the Feline Penthouse, sometimes erroneously referred to as what should be the master bedroom but for the Cats.