16 thoughts on “Travel Ban

  1. When my Daddy Housefolk sometimes goes away for a few days because of the dreaded “work,” I sit in his bag for as long as possible. He’s always afraid of missing his “flight.” Mommy Housefolk usually scoops me up off the travel bag, but only with the lure of treats. So, do as I do. Sit on the bag and don’t let anyone come near you. Bonus, when traveler is in the airport security line every police dog will sniff his bag. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.
    Be seeing you,

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  2. It is very irresponsible for you to leave Luna like this. She will get angry and do something unspeakable in places that are unreachable! If I were you, I’d just stay home. It’s the safe thing to do! Hugs to Luna, she’s adorable.

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