Paid Product Placements

Here at sevencatsandcounting, we are not above paid product placements and sponsorship deals.

The keyword here is “paid.”

Hey, Target, you owe me 10 jars of Smarty Cat Organic Catnip for this post.


20 thoughts on “Paid Product Placements

      1. Your Kitty is being a Cat. Don’t like how she’s treating you? Too bad for you. Maybe get a Woofie? They are much less discriminating. But if you get a Woofie, your Kitty will never, ever forgive you, not in a hundred, billion, gazillion years. Purrs, Luna

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      2. Never…It isn’t how she treats me. You misunderstand. It is getting her moving for her health sake because I love her so… overweight cats get diabetes and such…I want her to cooperate not for me but for her…Woofie no way I am full feline πŸ˜‰

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