Presenting Finnick Ohair

Humama, who is the friend of Human Mommy of Seven Cats and Counting, was looking for a male black Kitten brother for Orzo.

So of course she adopted me, Finnick Ohair.

Adopt don’t shop, Humans, and always remember that your Cat chooses you, not the other way around.

–Finnick Ohair, Guest Contributor 

29 thoughts on “Presenting Finnick Ohair

  1. *smiles* When I got my first pair of rescues I wanted a red and a calico. I got two black-and-white ones … Both have died meanwhile, too soon, but a dark tortie is still with me now. The next will again be chosen to suit my tortie, not my eyes.

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  2. I send you greetings and purrs! I agree with that adopt don’t shop… I was picked up from a parking lot and I turned out to be “the sweetest little kitty in the world,” a quote directly from my Housefolk.
    How many cats are in that house? The 3:00 A.M opera must have several beautiful voices now!
    Be seeing you,

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  3. When my gray died this summer my kids and I talked about what we’d get next. We had a mackerel tabby and a black cat already. I have shied away from orange tabbies and tuxedos since I lost one of each to cancer, and there was no way I could get a gray again so soon. I thought I might finally be ready for another orange tabby, since they tend to be so sweet, but it was a tuxedo who caught my eye—my hand too, as he grabbed me with his paws and wouldn’t let go. Domino chose me and I couldn’t be happier.

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  4. I adopted four cats right off the streets.

    Feral cats can be excellent pets. I’ve read people saying if a feral cat isn’t adopted when she’s a baby, she’ll never be domesticated, or loving. But my Amiga was adopted as a grown cat who was born and raised on the streets, and she won’t leave my lap, would stay there all day if I let her. She’s claimed me as her own. Follows me everywhere like a dog.

    And she’s smart, playful, and extremely beautiful. Feral cats can make wonderful pets. It depends on personality. My Princessa won’t let me pet her even after years of being in my house. She’s an overly anxious cat, with a perpetually scared look in her eyes.

    Feral cats tend to be more playful and healthier, and store-bought cats often suffer from genetic diseases that shorten their lifespan and cause them suffering during their lifetime.

    I love my feral cats, and I enjoy their company so much.

    They do attack me when I take them to the vet, but I used to have a cat that I’ve bought who used to do the same thing. Every feral cat has a different personality.


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