I’m Perfect

There I was, enjoying a Meowmosa-infused brunch with my Girls when you unexpectedly and unacceptably stuffed me in a tiny prison.

Not cool, Humans!

And then the Vet stuck me and weighed me and inquired if, at 11 pounds, I might be on the pudgy side.

Body-shaming? Seriously?

I’m perfect.


10 thoughts on “I’m Perfect

  1. Well, with six other cats around and three woofies you sure do not stand a chance in a mythical hot place to get too podgy. I bet the woofies wolf (ha, see what I did there?) down anything that is not served to you directly!


  2. I’m Jakie cat. We’ve met before. Today, I also got stuffed in the tiny prison and was taken to the vet. I got my claws clipped. Yes, okay, they were getting way too long and even I couldn’t pull them out of things I was clawing…but it was so humiliating anyway. I’m staying away from the humans to punish them.

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