Rabbit Kick

No one survives the Rabbit-Kick-of-Death!

Not unless they are offering a can or two or three or bakers dozen of Tuna…

Get the Tuna, quickly, before I render your dominant opposable thumb inactive, Human!


11 thoughts on “Rabbit Kick

  1. Are the seven declawed (I hope not, as that would mean their first part of their toes had been amputated, but I know it is legal in the US)? It is forbidden here and I have been on the receiving end of the kick of death with claws several times – the trick is to leave the hand there and not move it. I still got both hands … with thumbs.

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      1. I just knew your humans were wise like this. It should be brought to awareness to cat-staff all over the US that declawing is no way to go. If you prefer your furniture and wall-paper undamaged, do not get a cat.

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      2. What do you mean “damaged?” We decorate our furniture with impressionistic etchings and add pretty fringe to our curtains. The Woofies, on the other paw, may sometimes take their art a little too far. Postmodernist deconstructed couches are not for everyone. Purrs, Phelps

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