6 thoughts on “A Throne

  1. Dear Orzo, I only ever see contributions of you on sevencats – what about your “brother” FinnickO’Hair? He was adopted in September and we read about that, but he never features – do you get along by now? I have seen him discipline a new foster dog on instagram – but there are no photos of the two of you.


    1. Unfortunately, Finnick and I just couldn’t get along. I’m a grumpy old man and wasn’t happy with another dude in my territory. Finnick went back to the ASPCA where he was adopted by another family very quickly.

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      1. Oh, sorry to hear that, Orzo. But as you two will be happier this way, not all is bad. I was just curious, as I saw the post appear where Finnick was adopted by your human slave.


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