Guard Catting

We Guard Cats have not abandoned our post.

We have strategically shifted our post

No one is going to steal the outside areas of the fort now that it has gotten so chilly.

The cozy inside is another matter…

We are vigilantly guarding the warm bed and keeping it warm in so doing.

You’re welcome, Humans.

–Darth Vader, Finnegan and Quicksilver


So you want to buy my forgiveness, Humama, after inexplicably, inexcusably and unauthorizidely abandoning me for a WHOLE weekend?!

I won’t say “no” to a lap cuddle, but don’t think you’re forgiven.

Twice my daily food ration? Nice, but don’t assume that I accept your apology.

What’s that? You are putting me on a D-I-E-T?!

Oh no…

–Orzo, Guest Contributor