24 thoughts on “Boxes sans stuff…

  1. My kitty boys Andy and DOugy would add their pawprints to that pawtition! The encourage me to order a lot from Amazon because they think Amazon boxes top them all, and there are little kitty tiffs over who gets the box first if I only get one. Of course, if I get two or more, the one the kitties want is the one first occupied by one or other brother. Sharing is a social skill they mostly neglect to exercise….

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  2. Gracie will not let me get rid of a computer box I got in the summer. It sits in the dining room with big flaps (that I am not allowed to remove either as she thumps them around). I emptied my last shipment in the garage so she wouldn’t see the box or I’d live in a house with wall to wall boxes.

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  3. hello luna its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm we git those saym bokses heer all the time too!!! and the hipsters moov into them as soon as they git the chanse!!! i think amazon must be the biggest supplyer of cat howses on the plannit!!! ok bye

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