18 thoughts on “Kittenish Energy

  1. Great action shot! I love cats – we used to have a couple – last one named Julies lived to be 18 yrs old. We also had a dog named Spike – dogs are a pain! He lived to annoy us until age 16. That is my pet story. Also had 5 kids – who are fully potty-trained and are awesome adults.

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  2. kittens go through a phase with lots of energy. I know from experience that as soon as you get them spayed/neutered and once they reach adulthood they’re not as playful. You could always change her name or just nickname her on of those names mentioned.

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      1. I’m giving you a link with a bunch of links so you can choose. The link is: bing.com/search?q=when+does+a+kitten%27s+energy+stop%3f&qs=HS&pq=when+does+a+kitten%27s+energy+s&sk=HS1&sc=3-29&cvid=37B
        You’re Welcome. Please let me know if it works or not.

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