What the Humans did…

The Humans adopted me!

I’d introduce myself properly with a name, but Human Daddy hasn’t come up with one yet. My Turtle Aunt, Princess Maple Ann, tells me that this naming thing can take quite some time. 

Harrumph and double harrumph! A 5-lb Puppy Princess such as myself needs a name ASAP.

To be fair, a lot of good stuff has happened quickly.

My Humans fell in love with me immediately and hard.

I became the newest member of an impressive pack.

I made some cool new friends.

Most important of all, I finally made it home.

Woofs, Wags and a Whole Lotta Licks,

Princess Puppy, who does not yet have a name and is trying to be patient but patience is hard

A Note from Human Mommy: We adopted our Little One from Unconditional Love Rescue Pets.  For more information about this rescue and the wonderful work they do, please visit: