Creepy Crawly

I killed the Creepy Crawly, Human Mommy!

I even refrained from eating it so that you could see my good work.

Where’s my reward?

P.S. I accept payment in Tuna (packed in water not oil), Catnip (the fancy organic kind not the supermarket rotgut), Cream (full fat NOT fat free) and bitcoin.


26 thoughts on “Creepy Crawly

  1. Dear Luna, Do you hire yourself out to get rid of the creepy crawlies? Our cat, Moon, just stares at them and we bulldogs are too short to reach that high. They seem to know not to get on the floor. Respects, Queen Stella

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    1. Well I suppose I could consider it, Queen Stella. Will I be paid in tuna? Will you Bull Woofies chase me? I do NOT like being chased by Woofies and I am equipped with murder mittens, just ask Cosmo. Purrs, Luna


      1. It would require all my self control to refrain from chasing you, Luna. I have run into murder mittens before so I understand the risk. As for tuna, I don’t know. My humans usually have canned salmon tucked away in their food closet. I enjoy it as a treat myself. Would you consider sharing a bulldog snack?

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  2. Good job, Luna! I ate half of a creepy crawly last week and left the other half on the carpet for Mom to see! She would have taken a picture for her blog but she thought it might be too graphic for some! I’m glad you got to show yours on your blog! 🐱🐼Foster

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