Sorry not Sorry

“Age before beauty,” at least when it comes to the Drippy Faucet of Youth.

Unless you’re a Millennial Kitten. Then you’ll for sure try to cut in line.

–Lily and Charlie

I don’t want to be part of the narrative of waiting in line. Isn’t there an app where we can schedule our faucet time?

So I tried to cut. Sorry not sorry.


12 thoughts on “Sorry not Sorry

  1. I understand how it is to wait, and as a Millennial cat, I am not very patient. I would like to drink from a water source like that, but usually I get my paws wet (weird access point). So, I require a full glass of water on the table that must be refreshed and washed every other day. But I wish I could have a wonderful drippy faucet low to the ground like that! Lucky…
    Be seeing you,

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