Gym Buddies 

Fancy meeting you at the gym, Luna!

Please allow me to lick the perspiration from your pearly whiskers.

What’s that? You’re not perspiring? 

Oh, I see why…

It looks like your treadmill is broken.

Don’t worry! It will take me just a moment to sniff out the short circuit.

What do you mean by “OFF,” Luna?

Do you prefer for the treadmill to be off–which kind of defeats the purpose? Or do you want me off the treadmill?

Or maybe both?


The Trouble with Gyms

The trouble with gyms is that you can end up waiting a super long time to use your favorite equipment.

Don’t even think about starting a conversation or advising the pretty Kitty gym members on proper weight-lifting technique or the right way to face on the treadmill.

At best, you’ll get a laser-like glare. At worst, you’ll get a hiss, some truly un-ladylike words, and a couple of new painful scratches on your handsome Canine nose.


Treadmill Workouts

There’s more than one way to workout on a treadmill.

For example, you can use the console for a good stretch.

You can use the arms as a jungle gym to increase your strength and balance.

Don’t worry if you get tangled up now and again.

It takes time to master new fitness routines.


Training Routine

Have you hit a performance plateau in your favorite sports of Fetch, Tug-of-War, Frisbee, Wrestling and Squirrel Chase?

You haven’t necessarily peaked–it may just be time to switch up your training routine.

Jump on your Humans’ treadmill or elliptical or stationary bike and crank it up.

Don’t worry–you won’t get in trouble. It’s not like your Humans actually use their home gym.