What the Humans did…

The Humans adopted me!

I’d introduce myself properly with a name, but Human Daddy hasn’t come up with one yet. My Turtle Aunt, Princess Maple Ann, tells me that this naming thing can take quite some time. 

Harrumph and double harrumph! A 5-lb Puppy Princess such as myself needs a name ASAP.

To be fair, a lot of good stuff has happened quickly.

My Humans fell in love with me immediately and hard.

I became the newest member of an impressive pack.

I made some cool new friends.

Most important of all, I finally made it home.

Woofs, Wags and a Whole Lotta Licks,

Princess Puppy, who does not yet have a name and is trying to be patient but patience is hard

A Note from Human Mommy: We adopted our Little One from Unconditional Love Rescue Pets.  For more information about this rescue and the wonderful work they do, please visit:


Welcome Home


When your Humans return home from the place they spend all day called work, your greeting should be warm yet measured.  Don’t engage in the puppy’s jubilee of woofs, wags, and licks.  Let your Humans know that, while you are pleased to see them, you will become more affectionate once they have proved their worth by opening your dinner.

–Phelps and Darth Vader